Dahl Automotive (Winona, MN/Onalaska, WI/La Crosse, WI) – Site Improvements

Winona, MN:

Dahl Automotive purchased land to build two dealerships (GM and Toyota) that included an Express Lubrication and a car wash.  The site was initially developed in the 1990’s on dredge materials that were placed over wetland soils.  Our services included design and construction assistance for the site improvements.  ALTA surveys were provided as necessary to obtain financing. The improvements consisted of a subsurface drainage, storm water treatment and detention, storm sewer, pavement, parking and vehicular isles layout, truck delivery movements and retaining wall.  The site was challenging with existing slopes of 3:1, shallow rock, and shallow groundwater.


Onalaska, WI:

The Onalaska site was given a facelift.  Davy assisted with designing the  parking lot revisions and revised drainage for a quick lube bay and an additional show room.


La Crosse, WI:

The La Crosse campus was redeveloped to cover approximately 28 lots.  The Detail Center was moved into a remodeled building.  We provided design, construction engineering, and staking to replace the existing site facilities with plans and specifications for demolition of three homes, additional parking, water service, and landscaping.  The Subaru Dealership was moved to a separate building and parking area that covered 10 of the lots.  The Subaru site services included vacated alley, easement dedication, coordination of existing utilities, ALTA surveys, underground storm water storage and treatment, pavement grading to minimize storm sewer, and site layout for parking including sidewalks.