Davy Engineering

Land Surveys

With the experience and expertise of our land surveying staff, licensed both in Wisconsin, Minnesota and Iowa we offer complete land surveying services to private clients and municipalities, as well as state and federal agencies. From field work to finished maps and plans, we utilize electronic total stations, GPS, and the latest CAD software.

  • Boundary Surveys
  • Land Surveyor
  • Building and Lot Stakeout
  • Construction Surveys for Buildings, Streets and Curbs
  • Storm Sewers and Grading
  • Property Surveys for Acquisitions and Disputes
  • Easements/Right-of-Way
  • Topographic Surveys
  • Construction Stakeout: Residential and Commercial
  • As Built Surveys
  • Geodetic Surveying Utilizing GPS
  • Control Surveys for Photogrammetric Mapping
  • Wetland Delineation