Davy Engineering

Arcadia Pumphouse #5 and Water Treatment Plant

The City of Arcadia Utility Commission started planning for their new water supply well and treatment plant in 1999. Contamination near one of their existing wells and a need for more capacity to keep up with increasing demand from a local industry were the driving forces.

The new well, an 18 inch diameter sand rock well, was completed in 2002. The well is 362 feet total depth, cased to 142 feet and will deliver 1250 gpm.

The pumphouse and water treatment plant construction started in 2003 and was completed in early 2004. The treatment process removes iron and manganese by converting the minerals to ferric and manganous oxides and filtering them out in a large anthracite and manganese greensand filter. The facility also houses a 230KW standby generator for emergency operation.

The total cost of the improvements was $2.0 million and can provide 1.8 million gallons of treated water per day to the City.